My goal is to bring the highest-quality MotorArt TM to your walls. Each piece of MotorArt TM is a limited edition silk-screen print made right here in the
USA. All MotorArt will be numbered and signed by the artist, once an edition is sold out, it’s gone...

It’s my pleasure to bring this work to you. Whether it hangs in your
garage, your office, or your home may it remind you of the good times you’ve spent behind the wheel...

Thanks for taking some time to view my work. I hope it connects with you
and our shared love of horsepower and the vehicles that put it on the road.

Motor on,
Alexander Diener

Let’s talk. I work big & small, for the rich & poor. Want a sketch of your car? Graphics for your ride? Custom designed parts? I’m an Industrial Designer
that would love to help you make your idea a reality.